The monthly energy guidance is a full plan with which you’ll be able to see and feel your spiritual development throughout one month.

This plan can be started whenever you like and it includes one therapy session the first week, and a weekly personalized message or mini reiki session delivered with oracle card or Tarot readings for the remaining three weeks of the month (a total of 3 messages + 1 therapy session).

The payment must be made at the beginning of the month of treatment. It must be repeated at the beginning of the following month, should you wish or need to continue with the guidance. It can last for as long as you want/need to or Spirit guides you to.

It includes:

  • 1 healing session
  • 3 personalized messages/mini reiki sessions (1 per week)

Cost: $222 CAD /month (contact me directly if you’d like to offer something more adequate for your economy)

Length: 1 month (therapy session is 60-90 min)

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Let your angels guide you through your healing process, with love and joy

Once you purchase your therapy session, you can request an appointment directly by sending your receipt by email. However, I will contact you anyway to set the appointment once I receive notice of payment.

Your Light Therapy may be in person, through Skype or by email.

If you have any questions, contact me! :) I’m here to assist and serve you throughout your process, from heart to heart.