Reiki helps to heal and restore your energy, body, and emotions. Reiki is vaguely translated as universal energy. It is the light of All, the Universe, which is pure Love. It is a form of healing through hand imposition, in person or at a distance.

What do I do during a Reiki session?

I connect with your energy and that of your light guides throughout the Reiki session (with your permission) to send you the universal healing energy with the Reiki Usui technique. It can be in person or at a distance, and what I do is channel this white, pure energy through my heart and hands towards you.

Depending on what I perceive, I can give you a reading of your energy and messages that come through for you. Or perhaps it will be only the healing energy (depending on what you need or want).

What do you need to do?

If you so wish, you can tell me what you’d like to work on or heal, or what led you to contact me. Sometimes, you don’t even need to tell me that. What I recommend is that you breathe deeply and relax while opening your mind and heart to receive the energetic healing.

Cost: $80 CAD (contact me directly if you’d like to offer something more adequate for your economy)

Duration: 1 hour

Allow the Universal Energy to help you regain your balance

Once you purchase your therapy session, you can request an appointment directly by sending your receipt by email. However, I will contact you anyway to set the appointment once I receive notice of payment.

Your Light Therapy may be in person, through Skype or by email.

If you have any questions, contact me!¬†:) I’m here to assist and serve you throughout your process, from heart to heart.