LIGHT THERAPY – Angels, Light Beings, Flowers

Light Therapy is a short way of calling the sort of angel therapy I provide. It is a lovely way of healing in harmony. You learn about yourself, heal your energy and (re)discover how to lovingly perceive the light beings that are with you and guide you.

Throughout my path I’ve developed several tools that I put at your service to help you heal with Light energy, be it angels, flowers, ascended masters, crystals, aromatherapy or pure Love <3

Length: 60-90 min (depends on you and the session)

Cost: $80 CAD (contact me directly if you’d like to offer something more adequate for your economy)

What do I do in the Light Therapy?

In all my therapies, we connect with your angels and other light beings that may be with you. That way, you can receive their guidance and healing, be it as words or energy (angel reiki).

With your permission and the aid of your angels, I can read your energy and help you receive their messages. That way, you can understand your current situation based on what your energetic, auric and emotional body tell us.

What do you have to do?

You only need to tell me what is it you’d like to work, heal, or simply what led you to me. This could simply be that you wish to know who is with you and what loving messages they may have for you :)

What may be included in the therapy?

Depending on what you wish to heal and what your angels recommend, we may work with:

  • Aura reading (I make a drawing and send it to you)
  • Chakra reading
  • Channeled angel messages (written)
  • Angel oracle card or Tarot reading
  • Past lives reading
  • Angel Realm reading (based on the Earth Angels theory by Doreen Virtue)
  • Rainbow Angel Healing (Angel Reiki)
  • Flower Therapy Healing (healing with physical flowers or with their energy)
  • Aura or chakra cleaning and balancing
  • And more…

Let your angels guide you through your healing process, with love and joy

Once you purchase your therapy session, you can request an appointment directly by sending your receipt by email. However, I will contact you anyway to set the appointment once I receive notice of payment.

Your Light Therapy may be in person, through Skype or by email.

If you have any questions, contact me! :) I’m here to assist and serve you throughout your process, from heart to heart.